Medium blue banner with title Star Gift Project Inc 
and the stargift logo which shows the star leaping for joy in front of a bright yellow circle of warmth.  
Around the circle are the words: I Shine My Gifts for God.

Become a donor and share messages of God's love and guidance with a child!

Plant tiny mustard seeds of faith! Order books for distribution to children.

Each $10.00 donation provides: one book for a child and a contribution to the distributing organization if you choose one. If you choose to have books shipped to you, the full donation will go to StarGift Project to enable our mission.

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Partner Organization/Distributors
Enter email address
Provide a personal message
Partner Organization/Distributors
Enter email address
Provide a personal message

Need Help! Instructions below:

Before you start: If you will select more than one book title, and the distributor, email address and personal message will be the same, just fill out that general information 1 time. If you want some titles to go to one distributor and others to go to a different distributor, you will want to fill out the information for each title.

Step 1: Select an option for distributing the books you order from our Partner Organizations/Distributors list

Step 2: Enter your email address so we can contact you if necesssary

Step 3: Provide a message to be included in each book for the recipient (optional)

Step 4: Press the "Donate Books" button.

Step 5: When your order comes up it indicates a default quantity of ‘1’. Change the quantity field to reflect any number of books you'd like to donate and click on ‘update’

Once you've made a donation, you will recieve a receipt via email.

Your donation is a gift that truly keeps on giving!

Do you represent a church or nonprofit?

Churches and nonprofit organization can partner with StarGift Project Inc. by distributing donated books to children and hosting StarGift events. If you are interested in learning more, visit our Partner Center and please use the following contact information to request Partner status so you will be listed on the dropdown:

email using subject: 'StarGift'

or call Pam


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