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Fall Fundraiser - Featured Product!

Fall is a great time for marketing this delightful Christmas story for children. It is popular with parents, grandparents, young people with younger siblings, those who want a gift for the child of a friend and for people of faith who wish to help share God's word with children and grow a new generation of the faithful.

"The Star Who Almost Wasn't There"

cover of the initial book "The Star Who Almost Wasn't 
There" features a background of colors red and violet, a scattering of glittery stars, and an illustration of the main character, the star

The Star Who Almost Wasn't There is a children's book that tells the story of the first Christmas through the experience of a little star who could not glow. No child on earth notices child wishes upon him. . .and unlike the other stars, he has no child to love and watch over at night. But this tiny star is tenacious and a seeker. He sails the skies night after night searching for a special child, one who will see him; one who will acknowledge him. After years of seeking, finally, through an encounter with the newborn Christ child he experiences the powerful love of God. He receives His gift of great light as the star who could not glow is transformed into the brightest star in the sky, the herald of good news, the Star of Bethlehem.

He uses his gift of brilliant light to tell the world of the newbord Christ. And in the end, he vows to use his life and the light he has been granted, to honor God, by using his gift to help others.

Children will be introduced to God and will take away the following messages:

  • God loves you
  • God provides you with gifts which you will discover in time
  • You can use these gifts in His honor, sharing them with others

General Fundraiser Info

StarGift Project Inc. shares the profit margin equally with our Partner Organizations.

[Request "StarGift Fundraiser Details" via email using subject: 'Fund Raiser' or call Pam at 309-310-6934!]

     Choose from several fundraiser models:

  • Model A: One on one advance sales by donation to friends and neighbors
  • Model B: Sales by donation to members of your organization/congregants as love offerings or charitable contributions
  • Model C: Sales from your web site through a pay pal link we will provide that identifies your organization as the distributing organization.

     Responsibilities of Fundraising

  • Your organization registers as a StarGift Partner to participate in fundraising.
  • StarGift Partners create or identify events through which to distribute donated books to children.
  • Partners provide photos or videos and other documentation of such events to StarGift Project Inc. We post these and notify donors so they can see their donations at work. . .bringing smiles to children.

     Extra Benefits of Fundraising

  • The author of the book is available for personal appearances to help kick-off fundraisers; subject to time and travel constraints. Consider book signings, group appearances to share her experience with StarGift Project or just simple fellowship
  • In addition to your fundraiser, your organization will be added to the dropdown on our book donation page. Donors may then choose to have your organization distribute books they purchase. Your organization will earn from these sales as well as from direct sales.

Serving God

To be a source of inspiring faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.

     StarGift Project Inc. creates and solicits:

  • Orginal, engaging and inspirational nondenominational stories for youth, presented as books and coloring books that children will love.
  • Fun gifts for youth and adults with messages of faith, little reminders of our relationship with Him throughout the day.

     Marketing and Outreach

  • StarGift markets our products to Donors who wish to spread knowledge of God and His love to children.
  • We arrange for distribution of the products through various mission networks of our Partners.
  • We host our own fund-raising campaigns online and host events for distributing the donated books to children.

The stories in our children's books teach about God and relationship with Him. Donors make these books available to children, many of whom may never otherwise learn about what God can mean in their lives.

When your organization participates as a StarGift Partner and host fundraisers and distribution events, you are helping to achieve our mission. You are helping to plant little seeds of faith. You are serving God!