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Youth Gallery of Coloring and Art!

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The author of "Jesus is My BFF!" visited children in primary and early middle grades in the after school program at Heartland Community Church. The children had just received copies of the book which they had read. The group learned that they could make their colorings more interesting by using texture. They were provided with textural papers, lace and othe textural items and shown how to put their paper over a texture and to use the side of a crayon to rub color across the texture capturing a visual image of the texture they had chosen. Each child chose 2 pages from the book that they wanted to color.
drawing of the star with arms outstretched, 
         a grin on his face, his heart exaggerated.  The star has been colored by a child bright yellow, the background is purple and shows texture created
         by rubbing a crayon over textured surface, and the lower level of background is blue texture.  The stars heart is also blue and purple.  The star 
         looks very bright. This image is page28 in the story-coloring book. This image has the star sailing through 
        the sky, searching.  The star, planets and other stars were colored like rainbows by this child. The background, space, is blue and very textural.
        This image is page 5 in the story-coloring book. photo of child holding their colored picture.
        The picture is from page 17 of the story-coloring book.  The star is bent forward with hands on his heart, eyes closed.  He is aplogizing for not 
        knowing that when Jesus spoke of His Father in Heaven he was speaking of God.  The child colored the star a shade of purple and the background is
        textured with a teal blue color. drawing of star and child Jesus with 
         arms around one another.  The child has colored the picture lightly with texture. Jesus and the star are outlined and then filled in.  Jesus is wear
         ing a blue shirt, the star is gray.  They are wrapped within a heart shape which is colored orange and yellow texture.  The background is dark blue,
         light green and light blue all different textures.  This image is page 8 in the story-coloring book. drawing of a dove rising in a sky with 
         clouds and rays.  The child has colored the entire background a warm shade of blue all texture.  The doves is a pale gold and the wings and tail 
         feathers have been colored with many different colors, blue,red, lt. green, magenta etc.  This image is page 3 in the story-coloring book.
  Phoenix     Jaxon     Keyanna     Heaven     Zamir  
This image depicts Jesus as a grown man with
        children gathered around Him, the youngest seated on his lap.  This child used some texture from textural objects in the background, but created a 
        sense of texture by coloring the figures in lines of different colors, almost as if they were created from layers of color.  This image is page 9 in 
        the story-coloring book. This is the image of the star with arms
        outstretched. This child colored the star blue!  His heart is colored red and green, and the child has added another shape opposite his heart, 
        outlined in red.  Perhaps the child felt a need to balance the image?
  Hunter     Devin