painting of colorful sky with stars seeming to explode with colors of light across 
the dark canvas and with the title The Star Gift Project and sub-title Sharing a gift, a message from God, for all little children everywhere

Teach children about our loving God and grow new generations who know of His gift!

What is StarGift Project Inc?

StarGift Project Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the following mission: To be a source of inspiring faith in youth and their families through the creative arts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide original, inspirational material about . . . More

Our Goals

The goals of the StarGift Project are to engage children in learning about . . . More

Engaging Materials for Children

Our engaging materials include books that present non-denominational stories of . . .More

How did StarGift Project Inc. Originate?

StarGift Project has been organized by family, friends and associates of . . .More

Does StarGift Project Have Members?

No, as a non-profit corporation we do not have voting members. However, StarGift Project Inc. is building an association of individual supporters called "StarGift Boosters, "StarGift Ambassadors" and other nonprofit organizations, "StarGift Partners" all called to bring a message of God's love and teachings of and about Him to children everywhere. To learn more about StarGift Partners. . .visit our Partner Center

What Can I Do to Help?

This may be the most important question you can ask! Depending on the gifts you have been blessed with, as simple or complex as they may be, your contribution is . . .More

The vision of StarGift Project inc.

It is our vision to provide original, inspirational material about the nature of God and Jesus Christ through mediums that are engaging, simple to understand and foundational to a lifelong relationship with God.

We provide these creative materials to children who otherwise are not learning about relationship with God. We aspire that through the education provided in these materials and creative events to share that education, some of the audience may choose to seek God, become followers of Jesus and grow to be open and receptive to others of faith.

All materials and productions will be shaped to provide a consistent message of God’s love for us, the gifts He provides us, and how we can honor Him by sharing our gifts with our brothers and sisters. These materials will focus attention on how to seek and create a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Our materials are based on the bible. They are created for youth, are non-denominational and many are appropriate for Christian and Jewish children as well as children who are not otherwise being taught about God.

We will engage other people of faith to use their creative gifts to create messages for children consistent with our guideines and to submit them as candidate for additonal material. We will also engage them in creating new formats of material we provide. For example, creating children's plays, adding music for presentation, combining with children's art activities or any other reasonable form of expression. Sounds like fun doesn't it! Together we can create a 'snowball' of education reaching children from all walks with the message of the Christ.

The StarGift Project will make these materials available to a widespread audience through the generosity of people of faith who wish to share their love of God. Donated materials will be distributed by a network of nonprofit 'partner'organizations through their mission networks. Our goal is to provide these materials at no cost to the final recipient.

Our name, StarGift Project Inc, comes from our first creative adventure. It is a children's book, "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" that provides an introduction to the new baby Jesus through the character of a tiny star who could not glow.

This is the first story in planned series in which the star and the young child Jesus become Best Friends Forever. As Jesus learns from our Father in Heaven, so the star learns from his childhood friend, Jesus. You can learn more about "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" when you Return

image of the book cover of The Star Who Almost Wasn't There

Our Goals

The goals of the StarGift Project are to engage children in learning about relationship with God by first engaging:

  1. Doners who want to help provide copies of StarGift Project materials to children who otherwise are not being taught about personal relationship with God
  2. Churches and other nonprofit organizations to a) distribute the donated materials to children, through their mission networks and b) to market the book to families and donors as a fundraiser, sharing in the earnings to support their own missions
  3. Creative persons to help create and design new materials and events to share with children, performing artists and educators who love to engage children in performances based on our materials, and people who simply would like to help expand our mission and bring knowledge of God to others Return or continue reading.

Engaging Materials for Children

Our engaging materials include books that present non-denominational stories of relationship with our loving God. Our focus is to provide children with knowledge of what loving God can mean in their lives so that someday they may choose to learn more and grow their faith in one God who loves all of humanity and wants us to love one another. If they choose to follow a specific religion, that is their choice. If they choose to follow no religion, that is their choice. We pray that if they come to a point in their lives where they feel lost and alone, they will know that opening their hearts to relationship with God is an option to bring about the change they desire.

We currently offer two books for children from ages as young as 3 or 4 to as old as 10 to 12.

cover of the book "Jesus is My BFF!" features a 
line drawing of the charter star, which has been partially colored by crayon emphasizing the creativity of coloring.  A few crayons lay scattered across
the drawing.  The book is both a story book with a message, and a coloring book. Our Newest Creative Offering and Message, "Jesus is My BFF!"

View a demo reading of the story

Jesus is My BFF! is a sequel in an ongoing story of relationship between star, the character of a star who could not glow and who made his first appearance in our original book, The Star Who Almost Wasn't There. In this sequel, children will learn how the star and Jesus become Best Friends Forever, how star and the young child Jesus can communicate without words, how the child is learning from what he calls Our Father in heaven and how the star becomes a follower of Jesus, and finally how the star is blessed to become a teacher of children. Through his friendship with Jesus he wil come to teach what it means to love God and to be loved by Him.

But this book is not only an inspiring story. It is also a coloring book to further engage children.

StarGift Project would like to help parents and guardians to share with their children and expand their understanding of relationship with God. Therefore we have provided two resources online: 1) Guidance for parents and guardians and 2) Mini art lessons to help you help your child to understand some basic drawing and design techniques, while encouraging creativity. You can adapt this information depending on the age of your child.

Page iii at the front of the book explains that you can find these resources on our web site, buy selecting the enrichment button.

Participate in our opportunity to have your child's favorite creative colorings [or even yours] posted on our web site for a period of time. Look for directions of how to send photos of coloring pages on page iii as well. To Return to donate, press the donor center tab above or press Return

About Our First Creative Offering and Message, "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There"

View a demo reading of the story

cover of the initial book "The Star Who Almost Wans't     There" features a background of colors red and violet, a scattering of glittery stars, and an illustration of the main character, the star

The Star Who Almost Wasn't There is a recently published children's book that tells the story of of the first Christmas through the experience of a little star who could not glow. No child on earth notices child wishes upon him. . .and unlike the other stars, he has no child to love and watch over at night. But this tiny star is tenacious and a seeker. He sails the skies night after night searching for a special child, one who will see him; one who will acknowledge him. After years of seeking, finally, through an encounter with the newborn Christ child he experiences the powerful love of God and receives His gift of great light as he is transformed into the brightest star in the sky, the herald of good news, the Star of Bethlehem.

He uses his gift of brilliant light to tell the world of the newborn Christ. And in the end, he vows to use his life and the light he has been granted, to honor God, by using his gift to help others.

Children will be introduced to God and will take away the following messages:

About Our Calling

StarGift Project has been organized by family, friends and associates of Hahn, the author of our initial materials who received a calling in 2012, a calling which inspired publication and distribution of the first StarGift offering, "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There". In the authors words:

"I originally wrote this story in 1965 as a Christmas gift for my first born niece, Stacey, for her first Christmas. In 2012, as I was nearing retirement I was considering spending my retirement on a project in my community for developmentlly disabled adults. Recognizing that I would need some start up funding, I began to wonder if the story I had written 47 years ago could help to provide those funds. After reviewing the story, I began an arduous journey to create illustrations to bring the story to life. Along the way I reached a point of complete frustration and decided to pack my artwork up and take it to a storage shed. I thought I would return to the work after I retired. It was then that a message was impressed upon me in a way I could not have imagined was possible."

"It is time to put it [the book] into the hands of the children."

"I could not ignore this calling. Still it took some time to process the full meaning of the message. I have come to recognize that many of the issues we see in our society are the result of our growing secularism. Fewer parents are taking the time to bring their children to church or temple or to teach them about relationship with God. I was called to engage the children through creative materials appropriate for them. But how? I wondered. I did not have a network for children nor the funds to publish and distribute to children everywhere. It would take an organization of like-minded people. . .others who have been called to this ministry. I was blessed to find people interested in forming StarGift Project Inc. and serving within my circle of family and friends. I pray continuously for others who feel called or inspired to share faith with young people, other writers and artists, musicians, actors, teachers and those who would love to volunteer administrative skills or business acumen, organization, or detail focus on process, those who would love to engage their church or organization. I pray for many others to join us in this ministry of faith and outreach to youth."

Please reflect quietly for a few moments. Perhaps you are being called as well. Pray. Listen. Your heart will know. Return

What Can I Do to Help?

This may be the most important question you can ask! Depending on the gifts you have been blessed with, as simple or complex as they may be, your contribution is of immense value to children in opening doors for their future relationship with God, to God who calls us to share His story and His word, for your own fulfillment and of course for the growth of StarGift Project Inc. throughout the United States.

  1. Share About StarGift Project! You can share links to this web site with all of your friends to help spread awareness of StarGift Project Inc and how they can help to share loving messages from God to children. We might think of this as planting tiny mustard seeds of faith or rather like taking Sunday school out from churches and into the community.
  2. Donate Books: Book donors make a contribution to purchase books to be distributed by our participating nonprofit organizations . Book donors can choose to select an organization to deliver the books they donate, from a list on our donor page. Each gift of $10.00 1.) purchases a book, 2.) provides a contribution to the organization that will distribute it as a gift, and 3.) provides a contribution to StarGift Project Inc!

    If it is within your ability you can make a donation of any number of books. You can provide your name or give anonymously. In either event you will recieve an email acknowledgement.

  3. Become a donor: Donors can make contributions to help us with day-to-day expenses so that we can reach out to children and families. These donations may be used to help fund events for children where we share our materials. These events may include distribution of books, or presentation of a play or other creative form of story telling or even other creative exercises. We hope that people of faith who wish to share their love of God with children and their families will join us as donors to make it happen!

    Every contribution counts and no gift is too small.

    Your donation is a gift that truly keeps on giving! Donate Now!

  4. Be a StarGift Ambassador! You can bring this site to the attention of a nonprofit organization or church that you love and encourage them to become a partner. They will distribute donated materials, bringing these gifts to children, teaching them about relationship with God. Make sure your church or organization understands that they have the option of marketing the books as a fundraiser to support their own good works. If your church or other nonprofit organization or a group within the organization chooses to become a partner, volunteer to be the StarGift Contact for the organization.
  5. Become a Stargift Event Coordinator! You may want to encourage your church or organization to use the story as the basis for a holiday event or other creative program to share our materials. Then serve to coordinate that event. It is a great way to share our story with children and a great way to kick off a fundraiser for your organization!

    While we have two requirements for using the story, the author grants permission without compensation. Organizations that would like to do this need only log in to the nonprofit page and complete a permission form.

  6. Volunteer your gifts! You can volunteer to schedule and perform readings of the story for children! Or perhaps you have a location where you could establish a StarGift book donation center to enable others to donate copies of "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There for distribution!" There are so many ways to engage! Here are a few more ideas to consider:

    • Do you love to write? You might want to use your writing skills to create another story that teaches from the Bible in a new, simple and inviting way
    • Do you love to draw, paint or create art in some way? Perhaps you'd like to contribute some illustrations for other books!
    • Music? Can you create music or write lyrics to support a musical version of the story that could be performed?
    • And of course we need volunteers to help with many organizational issues and day to day operations. Whatever your gifts, there is a place for you!

To volunteer, for more information about ways you can help, or to share ideas about growing StarGift Project Inc. please contact: email using subject: 'StarGift' or call Pam at 309-310-6934!

Once again, please reflect quietly for a few moments. Pray. Listen. If you are moved, volunteer or donate as your heart dictates.