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Become a StarGift partner and share messages of God's love with children and their families!

If you represent a nonprofit organization with a mission network that touches children, we invite you to partner with the StarGift Project in using creative materials and events to plant tiny mustard seeds in the hearts of children. . .seeds that may in time yield great faith!

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What is the StarGift Project?

StarGift Project, Inc. is a nonprofit organized exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes. Our mission is: To be a source of inspiring faith in youth and their families through the creative arts. More. . .

What is a partnership?

A partnership is a collaboration between the StarGift Project and any other nonprofit organization that supports the StarGift mission in the following ways: More. . .

Some benefits for partners!

The StarGift Project wants to share the gifts it receives. We want to be a gift that keeps giving! We not only want to make the children feel they have been gifted, but also donors and our partners. More. . .

How does partnership work?

A qualified nonprofit organizations that wishes to help engage and inspire children and their families with God's word will register to serve as a StarGift Partner. There are no fees. However More. . .

What are the responsibilities of a partnership?

You will participate as a distributing organization listed on our online presence so donors can select your organization to distribute their gifts and More. . .

What kind of support can partners expect from the StarGift Project team?

We will help you share information with your teams and offer various support activities. For example More. . .

StarGift Project Vision:

It is our vision to provide original, inspirational material about the nature of God and Jesus Christ through mediums that are engaging, simple to understand and foundational to a lifelong relationship with God.

We provide these creative materials to children who otherwise are not learning about relationship with God. We aspire that through the education provided in these materials and creative events to share that education, some of the audience may choose to seek God, become followers of Jesus and grow to be open and receptive to others of faith.

All materials and productions will be shaped to provide a consistent message of God’s love for us, the gifts He provides us, and how we can honor Him by sharing our gifts with our brothers and sisters. These materials will focus attention on how to seek and create a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

We will engage other people of faith to use their creative gifts to create messages for children consistent with our guideines and to submit them as candidate for additonal material. We will also engage them in creating new formats of material we provide. For example, creating children's plays, adding music for presentation, combining with children's art activities or any other reasonable form of expression. Sounds like fun doesn't it! Together we can create a 'snowball' of education reaching children from all walks with the message of the Christ.

The StarGift Project will make these materials available to a widespread audience through the generosity of people of faith who wish to share their love of God. Donated materials will be distributed by a network of nonprofit 'partner'organizations through their mission networks. Our goal is to provide these materials at no cost to the final recipient.

Our name, StarGift Project, comes from our first creative adventure. It is a children's book, "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There" that provides an introduction to the new baby Jesus through the character of a tiny star who could not glow. It is through an encounter with the Christ that the star is transformed into the brightest star in the sky, the herald of good news, the star of Bethlehem. This is the first story in a series in which the star and the young child Jesus become Best Friends Forever. As Jesus learns from our Father in Heaven, so the star learns from his childhood friend, Jesus. image of the book cover of The Star Who Almost Wasn't There

The remainder of content on this page describes the relationship of StarGift Partners. If you are interested in learning more about StarGift Project Inc, please visit our home page on the menu at the top of the page.


What is a partnership?

  1. Distributing donated materials to children, who otherwise may not learn about our loving God, through mission networks. Churches may send these materials out with local and global mission groups for distribution. Hospitals, educational facilities, shelters, group homes or other organizations that provide specific services for children may want to distribute them to their clients.

  2. picture of children from an after school program at a reading of the story hosted by Heartland Community Church

    Hosting events within the communities that your organization serves, or reaches, to share the material in other creative ways. Readings of the story are a direct and simple way to share it. Or you may want to exercise creativity. For example, using the story as the basis for a play presented at a community center. . .a puppet show. . .or creating a version with music and hosting a controlled "flash mob" to tell the story in various open venues. Engage children in helping to share the story with other children!

    Learn how to acquire permission to use the story in a new creative format

  3. Events may be organized to distribute donated copies of material such as books and dvds!

  4. Engage your organization team in spreading the word [pun intended] of the StarGift Project. There is nothing more effective than word of mouth advertising.

  5. Encouraging donations from those with the ability to 'give' to help fund publication and distribution of materials and encouraging volunteerism from those with creative and organizational gifts or anyone who feels moved to use their gifts to share His word with children and their families.


Some Benefits for Partner Organizations

Each book [or other future material] that is distributed earns, for the distributing organization, half of the donation price in excess of the cost to publish and ship. This portion of the donation will help fund distribution events or other good works that your organization provides.

The StarGift Project creates an opportunity for fundraising where that is appropriate. For example, perhaps a youth group is planning a mission trip and needs to raise some funds to help cover costs. They have the opportunity to market the story at the donor price throughout their community to earn. They can suggest to donors that they purchase copies for donation to the group. . .to take with them to distribute to children while on mission. The potential donors can be encouraged to "plant tiny mustard seeds" in the hearts of children who otherwise are not learning about God and Jesus. Or perhaps your organization has a gift shop, book store, or craft sale to help support your mission. StarGift materials can be added to the merchandise you make available for purchase to raise funds for your missions.

The book is currently available for purchase through several retailers, however it is offered for donation through StarGift Project Inc. at a reduced price to encourage sharing with children and families everywhere.


How Does Partnership Work?


What Are The Responsibilities Of A Partner Organization?


The StarGift will provide support in a variety of ways:

  1. The author of "The Star Who Almost Wasn't There," one of the founders of the StarGift Project, will make herself available, as time permits, to share her story and information about the StarGift Project with your team. There is no fee for this service although travel and housing expenses may be required.

  2. We will keep track of the materials which have been designated for distribution by your organization and will arrange shipping of those materials to you.

  3. We also keep track of the portions of donations for those materials which are to be shared with your organization, will keep you informed and will send a check with those donations each time a shipment is sent.

  4. We provide the StarGift website for online donations and will provide you with code to add any links or buttons to your own sites to enable donations citing your organization as the distributor.

  5. We provide advertizing and marketing materials to enable your teams to engage in fundraisers.

How do we acquire permission to use the story in new creative ventures?

Another great question!

  1. Contact StarGift Project Inc. in any of the ways listed below and request a permission form. It requires that you send us a copy of your creative plan or script and the date of the event. We want to ensure that the message is not diminished or altered as new creative events are evolved.
  2. Then video or take photos of your creative work. If it's music make an audio file, or if it is writing make a copy and send those to the StarGift Project as well! If you have none of those options, ask your participants to create a picture or note about the story and then those to us. Just as with events to distribut the book, we will use these on our website to inspire others!

Become a StarGift Project Partner NOW!

If you represent a church or non-profit who would be interested in becoming a StarGift Partner, please use the following contact information to request a listing on this site:

email using subject: 'StarGift Partnership'

or call Pam


Lets build StarGift Partnerships across the country and share His message with children everywhere!